"Let your light so shine among men
that they see your good works
  and glorify your Father in heaven."  
Matthew 5:16

​​Donations Needed!!
​We are seeking donations to cover the costs of Volunteer Workdays, Closet needs, & ChristmasWishes expenses.  
Can you contribute $5, $10, $50, $100?  Any amount helps cover costs...  
All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and support local needs!!  
Click the link below to donate online (select "CommunityWorx" as your designation) or click the donation tab for instructions to mail a check.



At a recent Site Visit, 
Client R.L. told the Volunteers that he was "so grateful" and that they "were just a little ray of light."  

Volunteer Workdays

CommunityWorx coordinates their Volunteer Workdays to assist Blount County agencies and their families with needs such as organizing, sorting, painting, writing letters, cutting tags, home repair, making kits, cleaning, landscaping, outside cleanup, cleaning gutters, ramp building, etc. 

There is something that
EVERYONE can do to help!!  
The next CommunityWorx Volunteer Workday
is scheduled for:

April 14, 2018
​Click the link below.  Then click on the tab toward the top of the page to view projects for the type of task you would like to do (home repair/modification, landscaping/firewood/painting, sorting/cleaning, & seatwork).  Select your project and signup.
​Save the Date!! 
Don't Miss this Opportunity
to Serve Right Here at Home!!

"Seat Work"
Writing Letters,
Cutting, Making Packs, Sorting, Etc.

Outside Cleanup/ Landscaping

Mark your calendars

Plan  to participate with us
 EVERY YEAR for the
Spring CommunityWorx Volunteer Day!!  

Most years, it will fall
two Saturdays before Good Friday...  If Easter is early as it is this year, It will be two Saturdays after Easter...  
Don't Miss the Fun!!




Home Repair