2022 Impact Numbers


were provided with gifts to make their Christmas special.


received support from the community during the Holiday season.


went into making a special and memorable experience for the families in our community.

About Our ChristmasWishes Program

The Family Resource Centers of Alcoa, Blount County, and Maryville City Schools refer local children in need of Christmas gifts. Parents or guardians complete wishlists and coordinators find local churches, businesses, groups, and individuals to sponsor the gifts. Parties are hosted by local churches for kids and their families. More than 300 local children are served each year. In addition to receiving gifts, children select gifts to give to their parents or guardians.

Sarah's Story

To respect our community member's privacy we are not using their real names.
Sarah who is a single Mom of 3 had this to say about getting help from CommunityWorx: “I am pursuing a degree and also working. It was unbelievable that someone wanted to help with my family’s need.” Gap helped her get tires for her car and she also received gifts for her kids through ChristmasWishes. “I just want to say how appreciative I am for the help I have been given. Wanda and Gary are absolutely a blessing in our lives, and I’m thankful for those who have made donations to help families like mine. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, and for sharing your hearts.

Sarah, Paige, & Billy's Story

To respect our community member's privacy we are not using their real names.
Sarah is a single Mom of her high school daughter, Paige, and middle school son, Billy. When she came to sign up for gifts for her children through the ChristmasWishes Program, she shared that her kids needed warm clothes since they had just moved to the area from an area with a much warmer climate. She explained that they escaped a domestic violence situation by her daughter calling for help to prevent her husband from taking her life. They had left with very little so in addition to helping with clothes and fun items for Christmas, she was also able to get mattresses through the Gap Program since they had been sleeping on the floor since they got here.

Seeing smiles on my grandchildren's faces and knowing that there are so many sweet people out there willing to help children in need.

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