2022 Impact Numbers


completed to help alleviate tasks that are otherwise hard or impossible to accomplish for community members.


came out to clean, build, and offer support in mental and physical labor to these individuals.


spent by those volunteers making minor repairs, sorting, painting, and overall organizing.

About Our Workdays

Workdays are coordinated in the spring to assist local agencies and qualified Disabled or Elderly community members with needs such as:

  • Making kits
  • Organizing
  • Sorting
  • Painting
  • Minor home repair
  • Writing letters
  • Cutting tags
  • Landscaping
  • Outside cleanup
  • And more!
Join us for this year’s Volunteer Workday:
April 22, 2023
We need 180 volunteers to complete 23 needs in our community!!

4/30/2022 Workday!

73 volunteers came together for the workday on Saturday!! AMAZING volunteers and AMAZING families made for an AMAZING day!! There were 10 projects (painting, sorting, packing, organizing, clean up) spread out in 7 different locations benefiting elderly ladies, firewood families, ChristmasWishes families, mothers giving birth in Haiti, women being trafficked in foreign countries, and local domestic violence victims…. Thanks to everyone who helped make the day a success!! See pics of the day below…

John & Lucy's Story

To respect our community member's privacy we are not using their real names.
CommunityWorx had the privilege of working with a retired couple who were in need of yard clean up and were not physically able to do the work themselves any longer. She was wheelchair bound and he was being treated for cancer. The wife especially enjoyed going out to her “special” flower garden to meditate, read her Bible and enjoy mother nature. However, it was too overgrown to get her wheelchair out there safely. Our special team of volunteers went to work and cleared it out. This garden was a special place of refuge for both of them.

Volunteer With Us!

Help to make a difference in our community and to the people who live in it!